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1. A PLD (programmable logic device) based BLDC motor operation
2. A land rover remotely controlled by hand held IR transmitter
3. A low cost long range FM transmitter with audio modulation
4. A single chip PWM based real time inverter
5. Auto metro train to shuttle between
6. Auto power supply control from 4 different sources
7. Auto selection of any available phase, in 3 phase supply system
8. Auto selection of fan available from multiple supply sources
9. Automatic bell system for schools colleges
10. Automatic dialing to any telephone using I2C protocol on detecting burglary
11. Automatic dusk to dawn (evening on to morning off)
12. Automatic gate opening system for parking lot
13. Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content
14. Automatic locking system in case of burglary with intimation to police
15. Automatic star delta starter using relays and adjustable electronic timer for induction motor
16. Automatic washing machine control with manual override
17. Automatic wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients
18. Automobile head light lamp intensity dimmer to control glare
19. Beacon flasher using microcontroller and PWM fed mosfet
20. Bi-directional rotation of an exhaust fan motor with a remote control device
21. Bomb displacing robot with tension controlled soft catching arm
22. Can based security system
23. Cell phone landline based circuit breaker
24. Cell phone landline operated alarm system for help in case of emergency
25. Cell phone operated robotic vehicle
26. Closed loop feedback operated motor speed control
27. Control unit designed for a DC motor
28. Cyclo converter for fundamental f 2 f 3 using gate controlled thyristors (ieee-1996)
29. Density based traffic light timing control PLC
30. Design of a high performance non-contact digital tachometer with a microcontroller
31. Detecting power grid synchronization failure on sensing out of range frequency or voltage
32. Discotheque light stroboscopic flasher
33. Dish positioning control by stepper motor geared motor
34. Display turn table speed control for shops
35. Distance measurement by ultrasonic means
36. Dtmf based remote industrial load and or agricultural pump control
37. Dynamically changing signal light time allotment in street junctions based on traffic density
38. Electronic eye controlled security system
39. Energy meter to indicate billing in rupees for load wise or day wise
40. Facts by svc, flexible ac transmission
41. Fastest finger press quiz buzzer
42. Flash flood intimation over GSM network to the station master
43. Four quadrant DC motor speed control with microcontroller
44. Four quadrant DC motor speed control without microcontroller
45. Four telephones in parallel but still accessed by only one user at a time to maintain secrecy
46. GSM based energy meter billing with load control
47. GSM based monthly electricity energy meter billing with SMS and display to the user
48. GSM based supervisory control and status acquisition of industrial loads
49. Hidden active cellphone detector
50. High voltage DC by marx generator
51. High voltage DC upto 3kv from ac by using diode and capacitors in ladder network
52. Home automation using digital control
53. Human sensed automatic door opening system
54. Incoming phone ring light flasher
55. Induction heating by high frequency power ouput
56. Induction motor protection from single phasing and over temperature
57. Industrial battery charger with high power DC by thyristor firing angle control
58. Industrial drafting fan in stepped speed control using blDC motor
59. Industrial furnace power control by integral cycle switching without generating harmonics
60. Intelligent overhead tank water level indicator
61. Intelligent, real time auto intensity control of highway lights
62. IR controlled sage robot
63. IR obstacle detection to actuate load
64. Lagging and leading power factor display in industrial environment
65. Large digit display of dialed telephone numbers for std billing centres
66. Laser beam controlled garage door opener
67. Laser beam guided robotic vehicle
68. Led based street light with programmable intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells
69. Life cycle testing of electrical loads by down counter
70. Line following robotic vehicle that does not require any microcontroller interface or program
71. Line following robotic vehicle using microcontroller interface
72. Low cost programmable logic control (PLC) for industrial automation in repetitive nature of work (ieee-2002)
73. Mains operated led light in string
74. Mathematical manipulation of pure sine wave inverter using microcontroller to develop adaptive PWM (pulse width modulation) under dsp
75. Missile detection by ultrasonic means and activate the destroyer
76. Mixer grinder speed control by using a TV remote
77. Mobile phone pressed password for home automation door opening
78. Modern office management tool for selective data transmission to multiple users
79. Monitoring serial communications in mc based embedded systems using can (control area network). Three micro controllers communicating with each other over pair of wire
80. Movement sensed burglar alarm system
81. Multiple on and off time programmed industrial load
82. Multiple sensor data acquisition PLC
83. Object counter with 7 segment display
84. Obstacle avoidance robot
85. Office automation system for optimum energy management
86. Open loop speed control of surveillance camera panning from PC
87. Over voltage or under voltage alert system
88. Overhead projector lamp life extender by zvs (zero voltage switching)
89. Overload alarm warning system in a passenger lift with number of occupants indication
90. Password based circuit breaker control to ensure electric line man’s safety
91. Password based jail chamber gate operation by motor
92. Password based secured area entry with wrong attempt alarm
93. Password protected bank locker system with intimation to the owner through cell phone landline
94. PC based light intensity control
95. PC based wireless notice board
96. PC controlled scrolling message display for RF based college notice board
97. PC managed, home automation system using embedded technology
98. Phase sequence checker for three phase supply
99. PID fuzzy logic control for a brushless DC motor to run at the exactly entered speed
100. Portable coded wireless message communication between two parties secretly with lcd display
101. Portable programmable medication reminder
102. Power factor improvement by automatically engaging appropriate number of shunt capacitor for inductive loads
103. Power saver for industries & commercial establishments
104. Precise illumination control of lamp
105. Precise killometer calculation by underground cable fault detector
106. Precise temperature control for incubators used in hospitals for the pre born child growth
107. Pre-programmed digital scrolling message
108. Propeller display
109. Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver
110. Railway track security system
111. Random on off of lamps to detect burglars for locked houses
112. Remote controlled domestic appliances control
113. Remote jamming device
114. RF based home automation system
115. RF controlled by hand held unit, laser beam managed bomb diffusing robot
116. RFID based attendance system
117. RFID based device control and authentication PLC
118. RFID based passport details
119. RFID guided automatic parking permission for vehicles in cellar at commercial complexes
120. RFID security access control system
121. Rhythm following flashing lights
122. SCADA (supervisory control & data acquisition) for remote industrial plant operation
123. Sending an SMS for electrical load control that re-sends an acknowledgement of the status
124. Single phase induction motor soft start by stepped delay of reducing firing angle
125. Smart card based door security system
126. Smart card enabled employee identification for security purpose
127. SMS based intimation and calling over GSM network for emergency
128. Soft start of 3 phase induction motor by using 2 no’s. Back to back scrs in each phase
129. Soft start of 3 phase induction motor by using 2 nos. Back to back scrs in each phase (using lamps only)
130. Soft start of three phase induction motor using micro controller
131. Solar power charge controller
132. Solar powered irrigation system
133. Space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM)
134. Speed checker to detect rash driving on highways
135. Speed synchronisation of multiple motors in textile mills
136. Stamp value calculator for post office
137. Step up 6 volt DC to 12 volt DC using 555 timer
138. Street light that glows showing the road ahead for 1 2km only on sensing vehicles or any movement PLC
139. Street lights that glow for 1/ 2km only on detecting vehicle movement
140. Sun tracking solar panel
141. Super fast solid state relay switching on time analysis on cro
142. Synchronized traffic junction signaling (get green signal all-through at any street junction)-a new concept to ease traffic congestion in metros
143. Tampered energy meter monitoring conveyed to control room by wireless communication
144. Temperature warning system for nuclear plants
145. Theft intimation of the vehicle over SMS to owner who can stop the engine remotely
146. Thermistor based temperature control without microcontroller
147. Three digit preset counter warning system for limit cross operation of industrial loads
148. Three phase fault analysis with auto reset on temporary fault and permanent trip otherwise
149. Time delay based relay operated load .
150. Time operated motor control with lcd display
151. Touch controlled load switch
152. Touch screen and RF based home automation
153. Touch screen based industrial automation
154. Touch screen based remote controlled
155. Transformer temperature monitoring by wireless to control room
156. TV remote operated curtain closer opener
157. Two phase blDC motor speed control using fuzzy logic control
158. Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker for
159. Ultra fast acting solid state circuit breaker
160. Upfc, unified power factor control
161. User programmable password based hotel room door lock
162. Using TV remote as a cordless mouse for the computer
163. Vehicle theft intimation to the owner on his cell phone by GSM PLC
164. Video activated relay to control the load
165. War field land rover that alerts on sensing planted land mine ahead
166. War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera
167. Wire loop breaking alarm system
168. Wireless audio transmitter for TV
169. Wireless networking of dedicated computers
170. Wireless notice board based on GSM
171. Wireless operated fire extinguisher vehicles with water jet spray
172. Wireless power transfer
173. Zener diode tester
174. A low cost micro controller based system high performance ac motor drives
175. High power ac lamp flasher for aviation obstruction indication purpose


1.Advanced Embedded system design for car accident detection and its location finding

2.FPGA based wireless control and monitoring system
3.Automatic light intensity and temperature control using Microprocessor
4.Automatic Energy saving based on ARM-7
5.Rolling Display
6.Design and Simulation of PMSM drive by using MATLAB
7.Advanced Security system
8.Intelligent Energy meter
9.Cellphone operated device control
10.Three phase sinewave inverter
11.Wireless technology based vechicle identification and SMS sending for fault detection
12.Sms control
13.Three phase PWM invertor approch for harmonics improvement
14.Morse code detector using PIC microcontroller
15.RPM locking of induction motor
16.Drivers fatigue detection
17.Revolutionary system to detect human being buried under rubble
18.Electronic Flow meter
19.Bluthooth Camera Sensor
20.Web Server
21.Application of ARM-7 and RF module technology in monitoring mine safty parameter
22.Hospital Management
23.Intelligent Power Meters
24.Voice Operated Mouse / Desktop
25.Heart attack detection based on GSM
26.Efficient password authenticated key agreement using cellphone
27.Fast Query Point movement technique for large CBIR system
28.Portable Logic Analyazer
29.RF based multichannel wireless remote control
30.Online Exam Control
31.Automation Wireless Drip Irrigation
32.Home Automation
33.Mains Monitoring
34.Floor channel logic Analyzer
35.GSM based Intelligent circuit Breaker
36.Phase monitoring system
37.Smart Vehicle security system
38.Wireless phase monitoring system
39.Solar Tracker system
40.Sworm Robots
41.Design and Research of an intelligent control on precision water
42.Braille Reader
43.Energy saving system with Microcontroller
44.Protocol Development using MPLS
45.Data compression by using LZ Algorithm
46.Power Line Communications using X-10 technology
47.Seed soing Robot
48.Godown Security
49.SMS based Billing system
50.Wireless Speed checker
51.Embedded Wed Server with remote sensing
52.Mini Web Several
53.Drip Irrigation by two moisture sensor controlled
54.Electrical circuit board control by mobile phone
55.Automation in Serviellance system
56.Cell phote operated Device
57.Thermometer Programmer
58.Accident detection technique GSM and GPS
60.RF based multi channel
61.GSM based Notice Board
62.Intelligent Helmet
63.On/Off control of Domestic Devices by chip
64.voice controlled robot
65.SMS based college lecture attendance
66.Alive Human Detector
67.Digital ammeter and voltmeter
68.Meteal detector obot with image Transmission
69.Oily testing Quantity
70.Library Management
71.EEPROM based prepaid energy meters
73.Instrusion Detection system
74.P.F. improvment of three phase induction motor using PLC
75.Wireless speed
76.AC power Line communications
77.10 bit ADC data logger system
78.Instant photo using Advanced microprocessor
79.Wireless robotic ARM
80.Mobile phone controlled sheet monitoring and control system with day/night switch over

MATLAB Project List - New

1. Image Restoration using Iterative Wiener Filter.
2. RIVA- Real Time Image Viewing and Acquisition.
3. Facial Recognition
4. Number Plate Recognition.
5. Speaker recognition using MEL frequency
6. Still image compression using JPEG/JPEG 2000.
7. Image Enhancement.
8. Character recognition using ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
9. Error detection in Digital communication (Channel encoder and decoder)
10. ANN based short term load forecasting
11. Automatic speech recognition system to detect fatigue from voice
12. Simulation of Error-coding Techniques in Digital Communication Systems
13. Towards Generating Irrevocable Key For Cryptography From Cancelable Fingerprints
14. Enhancing IRIS feature security with steganography
15. Imitating Robot using Hand Gesture Recognition
16. Image Steganograhpy


Home Appliances through T.V. Remote.
Home Appliances through T.V. Remote with Dimmer and Ventilation.
7 segment Display board controlled by Micro-controller or PC.
Complete Remote control for Appliances using landline Telephone.
Automatic Power saving using Micro-controller Temp controller and light Controller.
ATM machine with copier.(E-check)
ATMEL Programmer (AT89C2051).
Automatic Micro-controller Based monitoring and controlling OR virtual Instrumentation Based on 8051/52.
Tripping sequencer cum Recorder PC Based and Scheduler.
SMS Remote Switch / Controlled Switch using (AT89C51/52).
Speed control of DC motor using Micro-controller
Automation and Saving of Power for 30/ motor (<120HP). and AD converter.
Stepper motor control using parallel post PC Base.
Stepper motor control using serial port PC & Micro controller Base.
Green house / Temp & Humidity monitor & controlling using Micro controller Base.
Micro controller Base Temp monitor / controller.
Micro controller Base moisture monitor & controller.
PC as CRO And signal store Using CPP and ADC.
RF Transceiver module control D.C. Shunt motor.
T.V. remote and RF Transceiver module controlled robot.
PC-PC Communication using RF Transceiver module.
Hart Beat monitor For 5 Min. Timer and LCD Display.
SCADA system Using AT89C51/52 For Eight Analog And Device control.
Speed control of one Phase motor using Micro controller.
Speed control of 3-phase motor using Micro controller.
Micro controller Base Class status display using (AT89C51/52/53/55).
Micro controller Base intelligent traffic or adaptive traffic Controller.
Home Appliances control using telephone line.
PC-PC Communication using introduced link.
Remote code analyzes and PC parameter control using TV.
PC and CKT acts as T.V. Remote & VCR Remote.
Touch Screen Monitor using VB6 And AT89C51/52 ( IR BASE)
Partial Automation of Escalator Along with Solar energy as power source.
Home Appliances control with intensity and speed.
Micro controller given account data display.
Energy prepaid card using Micro controller.
ATM Machine Interface with PC (stand-alone).
Animated Rolling Display (LED).
IR code Analyzer (FOR 25 TV Remote ).
Motor cycle theft alarm and No. of functions.
Serial and parallel port interface card.
Access control system (Security system password base).
Elevator OR Rolling steps controller.
Tree phase starter cum energy saver (Star to Delta Converter).
Line follower robot.
Complete remote control for home appliance through F.M. remote.
Automated guided vehicle (RF Transceiver module, IR OR PC Interface).
Control area network Through Micro controller.
Electronics Gardening Cum Green Embedded.
Audio-Meter. (Check db level)
RF Transceiver module control A.C. motor with rpm control.
Annunciater system.
P.C.B. drilling machine .
3 PH Induction motor Protection. (One phase priveanter, Soft ON, Soft OFF, Controlled by TEMP. And Current, Manual and automatic Controls editable).
Automation Bio –Diesel System.
Micro controller base Bank security system .
RF Transceiver module based Toll Tax.
Automatic control of sprinkler with editable facility.
SMS and telephone control home appliances.
PC Base (Interface) D.C. Shunt Motor controlled with RPM locking.
Scheduling of collage BELL with editable facility.
Wireless Robot using IR Remote with Arm.
Wireless Robot FM Base with PC interface DC motor with arm.
Wireless Robot FM with PC interface stepper motor.
FM Robot with Arm & Temp monitor.
Robot to find maximum light intensity using Micro-controller and DC motors.
Robot to find maximum light intensity using PC parallel port.
Robotic Arm.
Robot Path Finder.
Wireless Robot (IR link) Bi-directional using Micro-controller And P.C.
Speed Control of AC and DC Motor.
Electromagnetic sheering machine.
Automated guided vehicle with split platform.
Caterpillar robot with lifting arm.
Automation Of Industrial Appliances By Micro-controller.
Automation Of Industrial Appliances By PC.
Water level Indicator.
Atomization Water Level System.
Speed Controlled Of DC Shunt/Compound Motor Through IR Remote.
RPM Locking Using Micro-controller.
Industrial Automation through PC.
Home Appliances Control through PC.
ADAPTIVE Traffic Through PC.
Wireless Bia directional robot.
Telephone (DTMF) base and Computer base Appliances controller.
Thermometer Programmer ( DS1621 ).
EEPROM COPIER, Verifier, Eraser [ 24C01 , 24C02 , 24C04 , 24C08 , 24C016 ]
Wireless Prepaid Energy Meter.
Printer Driver For DOT-MATRIX Using AT89S52.
Library Management using ID cards.
Train Cologne system.
Sms Control Home appliances through PC (VB OR C).
Speed checker For Highway through Wireless and PC.
PIC Programmer.
AVR Programmer.
ISP Programmer.
Moisture and temp. controlled Through PC And Micro-controller.


6-Channel IR Remote Volume Control
10-Channel IR Remote Control Receiver
12-channel Infrared Remote Control
45-Second Voice Recorder Module
A Digital Thermometer-Thermostat
A Low-Cost 50MHz Frequency Meter
A Poor Man's Q Meter
A Programmable Continuity Tester
A Programmable PIC-Powered Timer
Active 3-Way Crossover for Loud Speaker Systems
Adjustable DC-DC Converter For Car
Alternative Power Regulator
Appliance Energy Meter
Bi-directional Motor Speed Controller
Big-Digit 12-24 Hour Clock
Build A V8 Doorbell
Water Level Indicator
AVR ISP se-ri-@l Programmer
Car Battery Monitor
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Compact 0-80A Automotive Ammeter
Controlled Automatic Table Lamp Dimmer
Courtesy Light Delay For Cars
Digital Instrument Display for Cars
Driving Light and Accessory Protector for Cars
ESR Meter
Fridge-Door Open Alarm
Inductance & Q-Factor Meter,
IR Remote Control Checker
Lapel microphone adaptor for PA systems
Long-Range 4-Channel UHF Remote Control
Long-range 16-channel Remote Control System
PIC Controlled 32-LED Knight-Ridder
Picaxe-18X 4-channel data logger



ALU Design
Universal Shifter


Differential edge Router
VHDL Based Water Level Controller.
Automatic of Sauna Bath Processing by VHDL
Industrial Temp. controller.
Parallel processing and pipelining using of FIR filter for high speed low power using VHDL.