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1.A study on strategy fallowed by Sainsbury’s to maintain customer relationship
2.A Study On The Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement On Buying Behavior Of Consumers And As A Source Of Brand-Building
3.An In Depth Study of Pharmaceutical Industry In India
4.Collection of data from 10 customers per day on market potential of Xerox products & generation of leads in city
5.Customer Support System-Automotive Stamping
6.Equity Research At Growell investment (Kotak Securities)
7.Evaluation of Financial Benefits of Insurance
8.Fundamental Aanalysis On ICICI Bank
9.Home Loan Comparison And Credit Rating At The United Western Bank Ltd
10.How to Plan Invest In Insurance Sector And Tax Planning
11.HRM practices in service based organizations – In context of Mobile sector
12.Importance of Subsidiaries in Capital Market_ Pune Stock Exchange
13.Inventory Management-Budgetary Control System-Mahindra-Mahindra
14.Market Survey of Customer Satisfaction On Mileage Project
15.Market Potential Of INDIA INFOLINE (ICICI PRUDENCIAL) In Private Life Insurance Sector
16.Role Of Sales Promotion On FMCG
17.Selective inventory control
18.Usage Patterns Of Credit Cardholders In Amravati City