Mechanical Projects


Mechanical Project List


New Projects for ME/M.Tech (Design)

1. To Ascertain Structural Stresses and Deformation of an Automotive Vehicle Chassis by Finite Element Method.
2. To Perform the Dynamic Analysis on Hydraulic Cylinder Using APDL Language
3. Two Dimensional Analysis of Stresses and Deformations In Involutes Spur Gears by Finite Element Method
4. A Numerical Analysis of Gate Valve Using APDL Language
5. Design and Analysis of Dam Gate opening hoist machine

Latest Projects

1. Automatic break failure indication with auxillary breaking system
2. Lake cleaner
3. Rice Planting Machine
4. Trademill Bicycle

New Projects for 2017-18

1. Compressed air as an fuel for 4-stroke Engine
2. Twin spark plug technology for 2-stroke Engine
3. Kinetic Energy recovery system for Bicycle
4. Evaporative Cooling System.
5. LPG as an refrigerant.
6. Dust supression system
7. Bicycle operated groundnut separator
8. Automatic sewage system for train
9. Bicycle operated chilli crusher
10. Groundnut Sheller
11. Regenerative Braking System
12. Non-Conventional Chaff cutter
13. Rope Pump
14. Water powered water wheel pump
15. Box Transporting Machine
16. Convective heat transfer analysis in helical coil (Thermal)
17. Human Powered Chaff Cutter

Projects for 2017-18

1. A versatile CNC machine
2. A versatile robot
3. Automated guided vehicle (AGV)
4. Automated robot arm
5. Automated track guided vehicle (ATGV)
6. Automatic bottle washing machine
7. Automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm
8. Automatic can crusher
9. Automatic car parking system-for apartment
10. Automatic distance measurement and braking system using ultrasonic
11. Automatic document disposal machine
12. Automatic electro-hydraulic brake
13. Automatic electromagnetic sheering machine
14. Automatic gear changer for automobile
15. Automatic hand break release
16. Automatic head light dim-bright & engine over heat & break failure controller
17. Automatic jack
18. Automatic paint spraying robot
19. Automatic pneumatic four side jack
20. Automatic punching conveyor
21. Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle
22. Automatic rain operated wiper (dual speed)
23. Automatic scrap collecting robot-vacuum
24. Automatic sky car parking system for apartment
25. Automatic vehicle accident information system
26. Automatic wheel chair
27. Automatic wheel chair for paralysed person
28. Bicycle operated winnowing machine
29. Can crusher (Manual operated OR Automatic)
30. Centreless lapping machine
31. Coin separator machine
32. Convective heat transfer analysis in a helical coil (Thermal)
33. Cooler cum ac (Green AC)
34. Design & fabrication of LPG operated iron
35. Economical anti theft system for two wheele
36. Electrical power generation using railway track
37. Electrical power generation using speed breaker
38. Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill
39. Electricity generation through rotary gate
40. Electromagnetic punching machine
41. Electromagnetic sheering machine
42. Emission control of diesel engine
43. Fire fighting robot (semi automatic)
44. Foot step power generation
45. Four wheel steering mechanism
46. Frequency modulation (FM) controlled robot
47. Fuel injector testing equipment
48. Full automation of escalator with solar energy as power source
49. Future car concepts
50. High ways high speed sensing and automatic speed braking system
51. Hydraulic pipe bending machine
52. Hydro-pneumatic clamping system
53. Infrared rays (IR) controlled robot
54. Intelligent active suspensing system-pneumatic
55. Intelligent braking system
56. Lathe coolant pump with fitting arrangement
57. Lifting and transportation machine
58. Manual grain separator
59. Manually operated water lifting pump
60. Mileage testing machine
61. Mini hydraulic press
62. Modern single piston spray pump
63. Motorized hydraulic jack
64. Multipurpose cooler
65. Natural air cooler
66. Natural water cooler
67. Non-conventional air compressor.
68. On floor two wheeler mileage testing machine
69. Pneumatic 4-axis JCB equipment
70. Push spray pump
71. Seed sowing robot

Newly Added Projects

103. Solar spray pump with home lighting system
104. Spring separator machine.
105. Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
106. Three axis pneumatic modern trailer
107. Versatile crane
108. Wall painting robot.
109. Automatic bottle washing machine
110. Automatic self torque adjusting vehicle
111. Kinetic Energy Recovery System
112. Muffler silencer for diesel engine
113. Pipe inspecting robot
114. Lift bridge
115. 360 degree rotating crane
116. Automatic pipe cutting machine
117. Electromagnetic punching
118. Vertical axis wind mill
119. Bicycle operated washing machine
120. Fabrication of Unaided Guided Vehicle(UGV)

CAD/CAM Projects

1.Analysis of plastic component using Pro-E
2.Paramatrisation of components using Pro-E
3.Family tables & relation using CATIA
4.Press tool analysis using CATIA
5.Analysis of connecting rod using ANSYS
6.Design of component and paramatrisation using Solid Edge
7.Tyre design and manufacturing using DELCAM
8.Design of power filter using Pro-E
9.Single point cutting tool - IDEA

Mechanical Study Projects

1.A Cross Flow Wind Turbine
2.Hardenability Testing of Carbon Steed
3.Aerofoil blades propeller
5.Design of high pressure pump using CAD
6.Plant Layout
7.Selective Inventory Control